A drop-down list

Hi there!

Today you will get to know, how to make a drop-down list. You can use a drop-down list to choose a value from the list. You will need a drop-down list, when you type the same data into cells all the time.
You have a small data table and source of data, which you will be writing into the table.

Into your data table you will type the same students, subjects and grades all the time. Thanks to a drop-down list you will be writing that much faster.

Let's make a drop-down list of students. First check a few cells in the column. Next take a look on the Excel's Ribbon. Choose Data and click Data Validation button.

A dialog box appears. Choose List from Allow and type source data in the area below.

A drop-down list of students is ready!

Try to make drop-down lists of subjects and grades on yout own. As you see, it's very easy.

Bye bye all Excel maniacs. See you next time!

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