A drop-down list

Hi there!

Today you will get to know, how to make a drop-down list. You can use a drop-down list to choose a value from the list. You will need a drop-down list, when you type the same data into cells all the time.
You have a small data table and source of data, which you will be writing into the table.

Into your data table you will type the same students, subjects and grades all the time. Thanks to a drop-down list you will be writing that much faster.


Gantt chart

Hi! I will show you today an advanced chart, which you can insert in Excel. It is a Gantt chart.

You can use a Gantt chart in projects management. On a Gantt chart you will see your project schedule. Gantt chart illustrates dates of start and finish of all your project's tasks.

I will show you, how to make a Gantt chart with Excel.

First you need some table with tasks of your project. Write down a start date, finish date and duration of every task.

Check whole table. Now you have to insert a bar chart. The best here is a stacked chart.


How to insert a chart in Excel?

Hi all Excel fans!

Today you will learn, how to make charts in Ms Excel.

You have some sales data.

Yours boss told you to make some chart in Excel. Take a look, how to do that.


Keyboard shortcuts in Excel

Hello! Let's see at Excel's keyboard shortcuts.

You don't have to do everything by mouse in Excel. You can work much faster, when you use keyboard shortcuts. I'll show you, how to use them.

You don't have to remember all keyboard shortcuts. Excel shows them. Let's push Alt button.

You will see keyboard shortcuts. If you want insert something, push N button. Need use formulas? Push M. Data? It's A.

How to use them? Some examples:


How to add in Excel?

Hi! Let's learn, how to add in Excel.

How much is 2 + 2? Everybody knows. How to add it in Excel? You have to write =2+2 and click ENTER button.

There is also the other possibility. This is the SUM function:


Excel is quite smart application. You can add numbers much faster. It's AutoSum. You can find AutoSum button on the Excel's Ribbon.